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Webmaster: (Hungary): Thank you to visiting our guestbook session.
Igor: (Hungary): Hi there, I like the csirkepaprikas video file.
Erika: (Hungary): The foods can be easily prepared and recipes are well explained.
Enci: (Hungary): Nice.
Noka: (Hungary): ok
Eva Pongracz: (Finland):
Alex: (Hungary): Nice web-site, good foods
Tolik: (Russian Federation): Hi. Can you reduce the file size. Download 50 Mb is too much for peoples with dial-up (like me :-)
Webmaster: (Hungary): Hi Tolik. You mean the size of VIDEO file? OK. I will create another version too-with reduced resolution and reduced size.
Marki: (Romania): I can see, the only sweet on your hungarian recipe list is layered pencake. Is it more favourite than "shomloi galushka"?
Marki: (Romania): And what about famous Hungarian Goulash? I really miss that one from the list.
Webmaster: (Hungary): You are right Marki. I thought Gulash and Shomloi Galushka are so famous-there is no necessary to represent them ;-)
Webmaster: (Hungary): But don't worry Marki, we will prepare those two recipes ASAP.
Adam: (Australia): Hi. Short question: What is that VEGETA thing (in chicken paprika Video)? Can it be replaced with something else?
Darko: (Serbia): That "VEGETA" is a mix of spices. It can be bought in countries near Yugoslavia. In Australia you must find some substitution.
Banditos: (Hungary): I tried to cook the chicken paprika. First it was a little hard but in the end everybody loved it.
Aronba: (Hungary): My favourite is the stuffed paprika.My grandmuther makes the best stuffed paprika but this recipe is also great.
Ivy: (Canada): I treid the stuffed paprika but I did not like it.
Aronba: (Hungary): Ivy: What kind of paprika did you use?
Tommy: (Austria): I ate Pancake a’la Hortobágy when I was in Hungary last summer in Hortobágy Pußta and it was marvelous.
Tommy: (Austria): So from these five recipes Pancake a’la Hortobágy is my favourite one.
Ivy: (Canada): I used traditional american paprika. And I missed out the garlic because I hate it.
Aronba: (Hungary): Ok! That is the main problem. Hungarian paprika is bigger and it has different taste than the american one.
Aronba: (Hungary): And garlic is very important. I suggest you to try again with garlic and use hungarian paprika if it is possible.
Timmy: (Croatia): Here in Croatia we eat a lot of fish. I heard good things about the hungarian chowder.
Timmy: (Croatia): I like to ask when will the recipe of chowder be available?
Ivy: (Canada): Aronba: Thank's a lot. I will try it.
Webmaster: (Hungary): Do not worry Timmy, the recipe of chowder will be on the site soon.
Sly: (Hungary): My housband is a vegetarian so I made the Layered pancake for him. He liked it very much.
Webmaster: (Hungary): Sly: Try the Pancake a’la Hortobágy not with meat but with tofu.
Jocco08: (Hungary): And what about the famous Hungarian stew. That's my favourite Hungarian food.
Beci59: (United States): I am a Hungarian emigrant. When I was a child my mother cooked me lot of Hungarian food like these recipes.
Beci59: (United States): I forgot these foods. Now I am happy to found this site because I can make these memorable dishes.
Kasszy: (Bulgaria): Great site, great recipes.
Johnny: (United Kingdom): Well. Stuffed paprika is wonderful. Last week my wife cooked it for me .
Nora Pap: (Finland): Nice to know where to turn for help when I prepare something special Hungarian meal for my family...Thanks and good luck!
Webmaster: (Hungary): Shomloi galushka recipe avaible (06.07.2006)
Marki: (Romania): Yes, that's my favourite! Thanks.
Tolik: (Russian Federation): I am still waiting for smaller video version. And what about that goulash recipe?
Webmaster: (Hungary): Tolik, if you can't download the video, you still have an Html version of Chicken Paprika recipe.
Andrey: (Hungary): Very good website
Jo: (UK): Nice site, please visit mine website: web graphic design
Merinqz: (Sudan ): Preved Medvedi!
liana Popa: (Romania): We miss our Hungarian partners very much!
Dylan: (Hungary): Very good site! worth to visit
Webmaster: (Hungary): Please, no spam here. Thanks.
Igi: (Hungary): Hi there
Noka: (Russian Federation): Hi. Interesting food. I tried one recipe. That's a pity, there are no hungarian restorants here in my town.
bob: (Hungary): great work man thx
jenna: (Hungary): hi nice site thx
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fgumuHWHhK: (Hungary): tickets_4.txt;2;2
zwYeNONWNp: (Hungary): tickets_5.txt;2;2
Kazeljez: (): Hi webmaster!
sylvia: (Hungary): cool site man
Attila: (Hungary): Great page but no updates, why?
joseph: (Hungary): interesting site man
Webmaster: (Hungary): Hi Attila. Updates? Yes, you are right, I will upload some new recipes this week.
lola: (Hungary): Has Obama Underestimated McCain?
Webmaster: (Hungary): Please, no spam here.
Ovidiu: (Romania): Hi. I tested all recipes from your site, they are very good. Can we get some new ones? Tnx
Webmaster: (Hungary): New: Hungarian Goulash recipe is uploaded. Cheers :-)
bbs: (Hungary):
Craig: (United Kingdom): Any updates ?
Ivan: (Romania): Can you add some new video recipe? I like the one with chichen galushka.
Webmaster: (Hungary): Our video material is now embed from Google video. Faster to watch. Have fun.
YOGI bear: (Italy): Any new recipees in near future?
Jimmy: (Canada): Good recipes.
sa: (Kuwait): ssss
Ms Erika Bekassy-Molnar : (Azerbaijan):
samer qaraleh: (Jordan): researcher